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File: 1228309460119.png -(96253 B, 753x1339) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. [Oekaki]
96253 No.284   [Reply]

Next update will be a chart detailing some of the changes and explaining why they were made.
Any images not in this thread are now OUT OF DATE.

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>> No.877  

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>> No.878  

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>> No.879  

A replica Louis Vuitton Bag is a lot cheaper than an original one. The difference in price is basically the brand name. Similarly sunglasses and scarves too are made this way. Many people see sense in buying the designer wear of their choice without paying the heavy label price.

No.857   [Reply]

Hello Lojbanis! My friend has been telling me about Lojban for a couple months, and I immediately loved it, though I must say, I'm only through part of chapter 2 so I'm a complete noob. I think it's amazing though, and I'm just wondering, has any work been done on some kind of Lojban based verbal text editor or better yet IDE? That seems like a really logical place to go.

File: 1289102653812.png -(101083 B, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. [Oekaki]
101083 No.585   [Reply]


So, here's larlermorna. I finally got the time to do it out right with a tablet and all that fancy shit. ko catlu and all that.

I would like to point out that this is very very fancy, so I tried to do a 'straight' version first. I'll post some follow-up with some different styles of writing to show off the flexibility.

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>> No.626  

What's up with that modified Hangul? Is backwards ㅌ part of the modification? If you're doing script examples, throw in تِتنَنبَ too.

>> No.628  
File: 1311909096275.png -(45068 B, 775x855) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. [Oekaki]

626, Thanks for showing me.

I confused the hangul 'tigeut' with the direction of the larlermorna 'ty.'.

"Modified hangul" means adding symbols for sounds like Lojban's 'c' 'l' 'v' and 'x'.

In studying Lojban with larlermorna/lindarscript
I've converged on a form where the second set of consonants have 1 line extended like a tail, but 'r' and 'v' and 'b' need a slight squiggle.

The rules of larlermorna are simple enough to allow many ways or writing, I really like like that.

But an that advantage lowercase latin has had is each letter looks unique except maybe 'l' and 'i'.

It is still better for me to study with larlermorna so, for example, when I see words like "nanmu" I know to pronounce it "n(ah)nmu" without the 'a' that is in english "man".

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>> No.698  

Appears to be amazing. They've truly carried out their work with this one then made design and style important. Oahu is the new I can in fact see myself making use of House windows yet again. Android mobile phone, on the other-hand is often a clusterf*ck connected with junk.

No.643   [Reply]

For a while now I have been thinking about how gismu are related to one-another, in a very typographical sense. Has any work been done towards finding the links between gismu that are only one edit away from each other?

I understand that the links between the words would not contain anything meaningful, I just think it's slightly interesting.

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>> No.645  

la nikle gerku is perhaps the oldest lojban word game. It involves making a story around a fictional "nickle dog", but it's very unlike a word ladder. Also, in general, no two gismu differ only in one letter (there are a few exceptions). Another, slightly less famous game is vlalinkei, the word-chain-game. Words are said one after the other by the players to form the most complicated sentence, in an attempt to form both an interesting story, but also to trip up other players. With more skilled lojbanists, this game becomes extremely hard to win at.

>> No.667  

Had an idea for a game similar to games like shiritori - you take a gismu and alternatingly produce CVCCV and CCVCV gismu such that the last cluster-vowel set (smu in gismu, re in xunre) matches the next gismu's first cluster (smu in smuni, re in renro). You lose if you cannot produce such a gismu (or possibly if your final CCV cluster is an illegal start cluster.)

Possible course of play:
gismu -> smuni -> nicte -> ctebi -> binxo

>> No.671  

I programmed a solution to the game that lorxus described. Graphs available below. Interesting features are a pair of words (dicra and cradi) and a cluster of 330 mutual reachable words (ie, between any two words of that cluster, there is a sequence of moves joining them). The game is otherwise acyclic.

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0yrvpgyknupw59a/pCEBTTDlHE -- overview.png and cluster.svg

File: 1278387379010.jpg -(19448 B, 561x195) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. [Oekaki]
19448 No.572   [Reply]

Let's start grabbing up orthographies and creating Lojban modes for them!

I personally don't like the existing Tengwar modes, but I'll post my version (FAR superior!) later. For now, I have a Lojban mode set up for D'ni (featured in the popular Myst and Riven games) and Klingon. I don't know quite so much about Klingon, so somebody may want to pop in and correct me, but I'll post my thoughts behind each choice.

"Fake" scripts aside, do we have Lojban modes for scripts like Cyrillic, Hebrew, whatever Farsi is written in, etc.? We should document them! People do often gripe about Roman letters being too western-biased, but new scripts too difficult, so we should make an effort to create Lojban modes for all of the different scripts out there, and maybe even use them, hm?

I'm also working on some ideas for the much-sought-after Hiragana/Katakana Lojban mode, because I have an inkling of how to pull it off.

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>> No.668  

I know this thread is mostly for fun, but as a serious question, why have nearly all historically proposed lojban modes been based on existing alphabets? Everything else in the language is so carefully architected and constructed from scratch; it seems out of step that most every proposed non-Latin orthography just shoves lojban onto some pre-existing script. Surely the writing system can be planned and optimized from the ground up like everything else in the language, right?

Have there ever been any serious proposals for an original Lojban script, or is it all Tengwar, Cyrillic, etc?

>> No.669  


To my knowledge, there are two:


Personally, I like Zbalermora more, but that is just personal preference, I guess.

>> No.670  

Personal preference or not, I agree. I've never been a fan of cursive. Though the way Zbalermorna flips characters for voiced pairs reminds me of the headache I had while learning Shavian and couldn't remember which way was up. Shavian had other problems, though...

I wonder what the prospects are of lojban ever officially adopting a new mode.

File: 1256910851309.png -(223280 B, 742x911) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. [Oekaki]
223280 No.496   [Reply]

Following lindar, I've put together a proposal for a script that is based on the same principles of the Elian script.
I've not made any attempt to callygraphy, but the system has a lot of flexibility that should allow people to express their aestethic ability.

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>> No.584  

That is not ES, nor is it in Lojban. I honestly have no clue what it is, but it uses some characters which are also used in Japanese hiragana. Don't know what to tell you, sorry.

>> No.665  


I believe that is Mongolian.

>> No.666  

Square cloud halts to sign in the dark unreal, heavy Neptunian war A, send forth a weak ray of light.

File: 1366897730884.gif -(3852 B, 48x48) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. [Oekaki]
3852 No.662   [Reply]


>> No.663  

le mutpapri ca'o piso'uroi te vitke vau za'a

File: 1348136087489.png -(22510 B, 685x120) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. [Oekaki]
22510 No.660   [Reply]
>> No.661  
File: 1348138932268.png -(23723 B, 675x120) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. [Oekaki]

with end-vowel

File: 1346256420833.png -(992956 B, 500x889) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. [Oekaki]
992956 No.655   [Reply]

… for Mr Everson.

>> No.658  
File: 1347062733781.bmp -(351966 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. [Oekaki]

.i la'a lo me lo do pixra moi ke datselsku sinxa cu selneirai mi .i ku'i xu do jinvi lo du'u lo sinxa cu ba'e basti lo valsi fi'o cukta ku

>> No.659  

.i mi na birti lodu'u mi jimpe fi do .i zoi sinx. « » .sinx. na basti da poi valsi co fasybau ma'i lo se pixra .i le'e se fasybau na krici fi lo za'e ranmrxizoformismodioviziele vau la'a


No.630   [Reply]

Uses letters to represent vowels, like Kashmiri, Uyghur, and Kurdish.

a ا
e إ
i ي
o أ
u و
y ى

f ف
v ق
x خ

s س

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No.631  

Er, last one is supposed to be
لا .رأبين. پرامي لأ ري گإرکو

>> No.656  
File: 1346433990239.png -(103205 B, 1044x642) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. [Oekaki]

za'e ku'urdi selylerfu pilno

>> No.657  

.i ke'u nai pe'i barna dukse .i la'a ka'e lerfu sampu zmadu gasnu tezu'e tu'a la .lojban. .i mi cfagau sepi'o lo ku'urdi selyle'u po'o mu'o

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