xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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How do you (concisely) ask "Which of you did go?" in Lojban? Thank you.

>> No.1018  


"which?" is a bit tricky in Lojban, but "le mo ..." usually works:

le mo me do pu klama

>> No.1023  

ma po'u do pu klama

>> No.1039  


{ma poi cmima le me do cu pu klama}
{ma poi me do cu pu klama}?

>> No.1041  

Hmm, well the Lojbanic idiom this makes me think of is using "ji". Like if I was talking about Bob and Alice, I might say:

la bab ji la alis klama

That concisely asks who went, and allows lots of good answers, like: it was Bob (.enai) or Alice (na.e) who went, or both (.e) or neither (na.enai). It even allows interesting answers like ".e ki'u bo" (Bob went and Alice went because Bob went), see: http://jbotcan.org/cllc/c9/s11.html

Otherwise what I might concisely say in context could be just: "ma klama".

Here's something maybe closer to the English implicature of "Which of you did go?": "ma po'u do pu je'u klama"-- what is there which == you and which in the past did truly go?

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