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Is it possible to combine a ZAhO with a BAI and say "co'ude'i li 4.1" to mean "until April 1st"?

>> No.1160  


Yes and no.

It's grammatical, but they don't actually combine to form a single tag, it's two terms: "co'u [ku] de'i li 4;1". But at least in this case, the meaning would still seem to be as if they combined.

The rules for which tags can combine with which are complicated. Here I have proposed a simplification of those rules:
so that any tag can combine with any other.

>> No.1162  


Jbofi'e fails to parse "co'u de'i li 4.1" unless I put ku after co'u. Is that just a bug?

>> No.1163  


Yes, jbofi'e sometimes has problems with elidable terminators.

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