xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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How would you translate "a teenager", a person of age between 10 and 19?

>> No.1188  

Technically, a teen-ager is someone between the ages of thir-teen and nine-teen :)

I'd probably change "teenager" to "young adult", and then translate that literally. So, "citno makcu", or "citma'u".

>> No.1194  


I see. But my idea was to be able to express a numerical range succinctly (i.e. without bi'i/bi'o). Another example are "1990s" and "a man in his fifties". I guess I can put it as "lo nanmu be fi'o nilsau li 50 bi'i 59" or "lo nanmu pe li 50 bi'i 59", but I find them wordy and too explicit.

>> No.1200  


Hmm. Maybe "lo pavdekna'a", "a one decader"? "1990s" could be "la 199moi dekna'atei", "The 199th Decade", and "a man in his fifties" could be "lo nanmu poi mumdekna'a".

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