xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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Can the x1 of "jvinu" be an abstraction (lo nu ...)? Thank you.

>> No.1189  

The x1 of jvinu would have to be something which defines a view (what x2 looks like from POV x3). If an abstraction described what something looked like from some perspective, then it could be used as the x1 of jvinu. E.g., "That cloud looks like an event of a face smiling.", "lo vu dilnu cu selji'u lo nu lo flira cu cisma".

>> No.1192  

The main difference between events and ordinary objects as I see it is that events generally have relatively well defined time boundaries but relatively fuzzy space boundaries, whereas ordinary objects have relatively well defined space boundaries but relatively fuzzy time boundaries. Other than that, both are objects in space-time, and usually can occupy the same gismu places. (This is in contrast with pure abstractions like numbers, sets or properties, which don't really exist in space-time, and have their own separate gismu places.)

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