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I'm looking for a selbri for "dinosaur". But there doesn't seem to be one. So I have thought up some fu'ivla myself: "diznosaria", "dzinosauri". I suppose these are valid according to:
I wasn't too sure about 11-letter fu'ivla. Is "dzinosauria" also valid?

>> No.1190  

There's no gismu for "dinosaur", but it shouldn't be a problem to create a lujvo meaning "dinosaur". (I suggest "cpirespa", "bird-reptile"). You also went right to a type-4 fu'ivla, skipping "la'o xy dinosauria xy", "la dainosaur", and "resprdaino". I wish people wouldn't do that. (The type-3 should technically be "resprdainosauri,a", but that's getting ridiculously long. My advice is to go with "cpirespa", or "la dainosaur" if you insist on using a fu'ivla.)

Oh, and I think all those fu'ivla are valid, but get a second opinion to be sure.

>> No.1193  


I think "dino" is a better Lojbanization than "daino", the diphthong of which is peculiar to English.

>> No.1197  


One of the reasons to use lujvo such as "cpirespa" is that even supposedly "international" words like the scientific names for living things get pronounced differently by different populations, so when they're converted to fu'ivla, there's a chance they'll become unrecognizable, even ignoring the fact that some people won't know the original word at all. Type-3 fu'ivla at least provide some information about the fu'ivla (since one can reasonably expect the reader/listener to know Lojban rafsi), but a nice lujvo can be both more descriptive and shorter, and doesn't rely on listeners being able to divine the word from which a fu'ivla was derived.

So, yeah, I Lojbanize "dinosaur" to "dainosaur" (or possibly "dainosor"), because that's how I'm used to hearing it pronounced. That's no worse than inserting a 'z' into the fu'ivla. (And no better. Use "cpirespa"! Or a better lujvo, if you can come up with one!)

>> No.1199  


Of course, if they can understand the type-3 fu'ivla and its rafsi, then they can read the lujvo!

Take this argument as you will, it merely is a neutral point.

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