xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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How would you insert "su'oroi" (or other equivalents of "sometimes") into a tanru when translating something like "She is a beautiful and sometimes insane girl"?

Starting from:

ko'a melbi je fenki nixli

I tried:

ko'a melbi je fenki be su'oroi be'o nixli

Would this work? And is there any way to bring the tag (su'oroi) before "fenki"? Thank you.

>> No.1218  

try {ko'a nixli ije ko'a melbi gi'e su'o roi fenki} - not as neat as the correct answer, which i don't know right now...
but now i need sleep!

>> No.1221  


There's nothing obvious, but you can do something like:

ko'a melbi je me lo su'oroi fenki me'u nixli

>> No.1224  


ko'a melbi je suzroi bo fenki nixli

(suz = su'o)

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