xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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How would one say (in Lojban) "the journey is more important than the destination"? I want it to be vague enough to apply to life in general (and any wider experience, if you can get that in there too), but also be able to be applied to an actual journey. Nice sounding lujvo would not be prohibited!

>> No.1242  


One way to be intentionally vague about a brivla-based sumti or to arbitrarily release it from its official semantic space is to use "le" as its gadri:

le puvyklama cu vajymau le selklama

"puv-/pu'u" (NU) because "journey" is an event, particularly a process. Instead of "klama" you can also use "litru", or "pruce" (in which case you won't need any preceding NU).

This can be applied to life in general and any other experiences that you would describe as "the journey".

If you want a particular word for "life journey", I suggest:

puvmivli'u, mivru'e


puvzatli'u, zatru'e


mivyvelru'e, zatyvelru'e

Another way is to use "pev-/pe'a" to explicitly mark the brivla as metaphorical:

lo puvyklama pe'a cu vajymau lo selklama pe'a

>> No.1246  

le'e li'i co'e cu vaizma le'e jalge
"The experience (of something) is more important than the result."

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