xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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How do you quote things past some parts of the sentence/bridi? For example:

Gregg said Obama's proposals "represent an extraordinary move of our government to the left."

>> No.1253  

while not a perfect solution, li'o (omitted text) helps. you should try experimenting with sei (discursive bridi).

>> No.1254  


How about:

la greg pu cusku lo se du'u lo se stidi be la obamas cu fu'e sa'anai sinxa lo tolfadni nunmu'u be lo ma'a trugunma bei lo zunle fu'o

>> No.1264  


la greg pu cusku lu le sa'a selti'i be la obamas cu morna fi lo rirci nu binxo fa lo ma'a truci'e lo zunle trusi'o li'u

Marking something inside a quote with "sa'a" says that bit was inserted by the speaker. It's similar to the way editors replace pronouns in quotations:

Gregg said "[Obama's proposals] represent an extraordinay move of our government to the left." Gregg really said "It represent an extraordinay move of our government to the left."

Side issue: "zunle trusi'o", "at-left governing-idea(s)" is a rather metaphorical way to discuss politics. Maybe "cenba trusi'o" vs "stodi trusi'o"? (Intended to mean "progressive" vs "conservative".)

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