xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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What is the problem of not inserting "y" between 4-letter and 5-letter rafsi in a lujvo, provided that the adjacent sounds are of a permitted consonant pair? Wouldn't "cedrmintu" (cedra+mintu) still work as a brivla?

>> No.1258  

cedrmintu works as a brivla, but it's a stage-3 fu'ivla. see the output of vlatai:

cedrmintu : fu'ivla (stage-3 short rafsi) : ced/r/mintu
cedrymintu : lujvo : cedrymintu

>> No.1261  

The "y" is also needed to break lujvo into rafsi correctly. E.g., if you remove the "y" from "klamylujvo" (made up example, obviously), it would become "kla-mlu-jvo".

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