xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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Whoo! It works! .ui (Now for all the other boards...)

>> No.1267  

I am trying to test a few more features. I think pretty much everything is pretty now though.

>> No.1268  

i'm very delighted to see jbotcan again. now if only the rss feeds would work... :)

>> No.1269  

Psh. I haven't looked at all of that other stuff.

>> No.1270  

now the rss feeds and a link to en from jbo?

>> No.1271  

the jbo rss feed is great, but the en one gives me a 404 :-(

>> No.1272  

semi-edit: it's just an /en/res too many :-)

>> No.1273  

The jbotcan.org domain name is now effective.

>> No.1274  
File: 1248696385153.jpg -(41555 B, 500x419) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. [Oekaki]

There is actually a problem with that.

http://jbotcan.org/ doesn't point to the correct server, it just says the website doesn't exist.

HOWEVER! http://www.jbotcan.org/ leads to the correct page.

>> No.1275  


>> No.1276  

we want xamselsku back! who's with me on this one?

>> No.1277  

agreed, xamselsku was awesome

>> No.1278  

I am missing parts of xamselsku, like the database and configuration files. So xamselsku is not. It'll've to be something new. Anybody know a good quote management system that doesn't use MySQL & friends?

>> No.1279  

can't you ask chris if he still has the xamselsku backups we used to restore it the last time?

>> No.1280  

unless kiris has something better, take this:


>> No.1281  

Were the Lojban teaching pictures (>>1144) saved? They were in a directory called "xractu", or "jbobauctuxra", I think.

>> No.1282  

http://jbotcan.org/xractu/xractu/xractu.html is back and happy and hopping and wondering if it can get another zo xractu worked into it somehow.
>>1276 and friends:
xamselsku is also back and happy and hopping.
Also I accidentally the site, but I'm not sure anybody has noticed. :P

>> No.1284  


Excellent. Though... why is it in a doubled directory?

Would you put a link to it on the front page under "Learning materials"? Even though this is in its early stages, I think it has a lot of potential.

>> No.1291  

Rss feeds, some of the links are broken.. The http:// possibly doesn't contain a : in it.

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