xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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How would one go about saying "both of the cats run", emphasis on the number and the gadri in use. "Both" means that there are two members, but also that all of them do/are similar in some way/apply to the same set (in this case, those that run).

>> No.1321  

IIRC loi re mlatu For, the two cats run together.
re loi mlatu For, two of the mass of all cats run together.
lo re mlatu For, the two cats run independently.
re lo mlatu For, two of the cats run independently.

Let me know if that isn't exactly what you mean.

>> No.1325  


this sums it all up nicely.

>> No.1327  


ro lo re mlatu cu bajra

"Both" is a special word in English, which as you say means "all two". There is no single word equivalent in Lojban, just as English doesn't have single words for "all three", "all four", "all five", etc.

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