xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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Anybody else find it ironic that, while the gismu list is meant to be easily read and remembered by people of all cultures (or at least those who speak the major languages), for this very reason you find yourself second-guessing yourself on the definition of a gismu? I know I do. I frequently look up a word in order to make sure that I am correct, but find (to my amusement) that the word is precisely the one I thought it was. I suppose that the foreigness of jbovla overcomes the familiarity... :)

>> No.157  

The gismu list is also only in English. Heh.

>> No.158  

and german

>> No.175  

and spanish

and esperanto

and russian?

and french?

>> No.180  

links plz

>> No.189  



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