xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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Reading a post on the [la le lojbo .jbotcan. ?] and noticed a string of "[ma]"'s followed by a [zo mo]. I got to wondering: If I was to say "what does what?", but wanted to fill as many places as possible with [zo ma], how would I do it? I do not think that I could do [ma ma ma ma ma mo], because that would define the meaning of [zo mo] in this case as something with five terbri. Is there a word for "as many sumti-questions as possible"? I figure not, and I do not think that I have seen it in the ma'oste, but one never knows.

Merci bien.

>> No.297  

Not as precise a what you want, but:

ma li'o mo
What, and so on, does what?

>> No.300  

There isn't the word you have in mind, but you might be interested to know that it's legal to use any of the places of gismu, even undefined ones. Using a place with no established meaning is understood to be the same as "do'e" (IOW, some unspecified relationship).

Also you can somewhat sensibly put as many as you want of "fi'a ma" (place tag question + sumti question.. how does it relate to what?)

mu'o mi'e se ckiku

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