xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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The definition of {mlatu} is "X1 is a cat of species/breed X2". Can I say {le mlatu bela'o latmo .Felis. latmo be'o cu batci .i}, or do I have to be more specific about what species (here, I am only saying the genus).

>> No.304  

I am interested on how you got the subject matter of "wood" out of stuff about cats :).

I think that it should be allowed to leave the exact species unspecified, possibly supported by the definition of [zo jutsi]. Of course, it might just be better to use a word from selma'o NOI.

Wish I could have been more help, although the response time was good ;).

>> No.319  

Well hmm. You're saying "Felis" inside of foreign-language quotes there, and you imply that you're quoting Latin, so I think it's properly the rules of Latin that apply and not those of Lojban. I'm no expert on Latin, so I can't help either. ;)

If you wanted to specify that you were saying the genus, you could say: "lo mlatu be lo jutsi be la'o latmo Felis latmo", a cat of a species in the genus Felis (since the second place of "jutsi", species, is the genus). There, that's something kind of helpful! :)

>> No.321  


That is extremely helpful, thank you.

>> No.359  


Oh yeah, I put the topic as wood because I was going to say [zo mudri] instead of [zo mlatu].

I just forgot that I changed the subject matter but kept the title.

[.ui zo'o] It gathers attention at any rate...

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