xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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May I add my own question?

Iff so, how does one specify the extremum of [zo
<<traji] (X3 terbri)? Iff not, disregard this.


>> No.336  

Yes, asking questions is what this place is for!

The x3 of zo traji is weird, isn't it? I think that's the general consensus about it, is that it's weird. I'm not sure what anyone's ever used it for.

I suppose that what the gimste is saying is that the ordinary way we use zo traji is assuming that the way the x1 is superlative in the property x2 is that it is more that property than anything else. I guess you could say.. uh.. "mi traji lo ka blanu kei lo ka mleca", I am superlative in the quality of being blue in having less of it, I'm the least blue. Or perhaps you could say "mi traji lo ka blanu kei lo ka cnano", In the property of blueness I am superlatively average. I think that would mean that among the set under consideration (which is the x4), I am the one who is closest to the average blueness.

Really zo traji is used almost always as if it meant "most", like "le traji be lo ka blanu", the most blue one. The last two places are hardly ever touched.

mu'o mi'e se ckiku

>> No.341  

Maybe a woman might say:

{mi traji lo ka tuple kerfa ku lo ka mleca}

"I am awesome leg-hair-wise in that I don't have a lot."

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