xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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>> No.337  


>> No.338  

{zo'oi window} = {zoi zoi window zoi}
{la'oi window} = {la'o zoi window zoi}

>> No.354  

I meant "more-than-2-words non-lojban quote". {zo'oi} is for a 1-word non-lojban quote.

>> No.372  


zoi (any lojban word) some text in any language or form (the same lojban word as at the beginning)

zoi tricu maple tricu

zoi gy english something gy ("gy" is just the lojban word "gy", meaning G, often traditionally used for things in English, because G for Glico)

zoi valsi anything except the lojban word for "word" valsi (anything can go between two "valsi" except for a third "valsi")

zoi zoi hoi polloi zoi (yes even "zoi" can be used as the word to deliminate a zoi quote)

zoi glork Moogee --**-- eegooM glork ("glork" can be used because it's a cmevla)

So with "zoi" you can create a quote of something nonlojban and refer to it as a quote, for instance:

zoi gy This is an English sentence. gy cu glico jufra

"This is an English sentence" is an English sentence.

"la'o" works the same way grammatically, but the resulting sumti instead of referring to the text itself refers to something named the text. Which is actually less confusing than it sounds. Example:

so'i xajmi cu cfika fi la'o gy Mark Twain gy

Many funny things are works of fiction by Mark Twain.

"zoi gy Mark Twain gy" means the two word string of text "Mark Twain", whereas "la'o gy Mark Twain gy" means Mark Twain.

Experimental quoting techniques like "zo'oi" and "la'oi" should be considered laboratory toys! They are widely disputed & disliked. I'm undecided about them myself, I'm just putting that out there so you new folks know the score. "la'o" and "zoi" are very solid and traditional, so they might be best to use in formal contexts.

mu'o mi'e la'o gy Brett Williams gy no'u la se ckiku

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