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File: 1208941585009.jpg -(59171 B, 305x482) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. [Oekaki]
59171 No.35  

Info about how to use the board software will be put here.

Feel free to reply to this thread.

>> No.36  

WakabaMark is a very simple markup code for doing simple formatting of posts. It's designed to be intuitive to use, and look good even when not parsed. It is heavily inspired by MarkDown.

The basic features are as follows:

* Surround text with * or _ to make <em> tags. _Like this_ or *like this*. This makes the text italic.
* Surround text with ** or __ to make <strong> tags. This makes the text bold.
* Make an unordered HTML list by beginning each line with *, or -. You can add line breaks in list entries by breaking the line and indenting the next line with one or more spaces.
* Make ordered HTML lists by beginning the first line with "1.", and the following lines with further numbers. It actually doesn't matter what numbers you use, as long as the first one is 1.
* Make <blockquote> sections by beginning each line with ">".
* Make <code> sections by indenting each line by four spaces or one tab. Code sections get shown in a monospaced font, and are not otherwise formatted.
* Make short spans of code in normal text by enclosing the code in backticks, `like so` . To display code that contains backticks, use several backticks to surround it, ``like so`` .
* Make external links by just typing the URL you want to link to. Post references like >>1 are also automatically turned into links.

Do no leave empty lines in the middle of lists or quoted blocks, as this turns them into separate blocks.

>> No.37  

Tripcodes are used as a proof of identity, while still remaining anonymous. If you enter your name as Name#tripcode, it will be shown as Name!3GqYIJ3Obs, the idea being that only you know the code word used to generate the tripcode.

However, the tripcode algorithm is well known, and it is fairly easy to perform a BruteForceAttack on it to find out someone's code. Therefore, tripcodes are more of a token than a guarantee.

>> No.38  

A secure tripcode can be generated by placing two octothorpes in the [Name] field, as opposed to one as with a normal tripcode (ex. "User##password"). Secure tripcodes use a secret key file on the server to help obscure their password. The previous example would display "User !!Oo43raDvH61" after being posted.

>> No.39  

Note that all of these features are present on /jbo/, too.

>> No.40  

What is a “bump”?

All threads have a set bump limit (varies board to board). When this limit is reached, a thread will no longer "bump" to the top of the board, causing the thread to descend through the pages. This method of post-limiting, while sometimes inconvenient, assures that content is kept fresh on the boards.

What is “sage”?

Entering "sage" (by itself) into the [Link] field while replying will cause the thread not to bump to the top of the page, while still counting against its reply count. Threads that reach their reply limit can no longer be bumped, causing them to sink to the back pages and be pruned more quickly. "saging" is a form of user moderation. Abusing the sage function by "sage-bombing" is frowned upon and may result in a ban.

-- Taken from 4chan's FAQ (some of it does not apply to /jbo/ or /en/) http://www.4chan.org/faq.php

>> No.42  
File: 1208955967107.png -(291543 B, 305x482) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. [Oekaki]

Oekaki is (Java) software which lets you draw in your browser. You can create a thread with an Oekaki image, or create a rely to a thread with an Oekaki image, or even edit an existing image with Oekaki and create a new reply from that. Pic related.

This is good for coming up with ideas and making diagrams and things.

Oekaki post (Time: 58 s, Painter: Shi Normal, Source: /en/src/1208941585009.jpg)

>> No.76  

I've added YouTube video support. If you have a YouTube link,


put the "4z0CiLbUvi0" part in the "YouTube video" box. You can post a video with or without a picture or text.

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