xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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Is it grammatically correct to use [zo be] in tanru?

For example: [mi tavla le klama be fu le karce be'o remna poi ke'a remna co djuno je tcidu jebo ciska].

I was trying to mirror the Latin Homo sapiens literariensis, by the way.

>> No.363  

Yes, that's correct.

>> No.371  

.ie mi pilno be zo be bei lo nu tanru zbasu be'o nelci .i xamgu be lo pilno be'o gerna .ui

Yeah, I'm a user of "be" for tanru making kind of liker. Good for users kind of grammar. :)

>> No.383  


It probably is possible to use {zo se} and {zo to'e}, for example, in the tanru.

{le xamgu trina co'e}
{le se xamgu trina co'e}
{le xamgu se trina co'e}
{le se xamgu se trina co'e}
{le to'e xamgu trina co'e}
{le xamgu to'e trina co'e}
{le to'e xamgu to'e trina co'e}
{le se to'e xamgu trina co'e}
{le to'e xamgu to'e se trina}

>> No.385  


Yes, but notice that you need {cu} before {co'e} if you meant it as the selbri of the main bridi. Otherwise, it just continues the preceding tanru:

le (xamgu trina co'e) = the good attractive thingy.

le (xamgu trina) cu co'e = the good attactive one does it.

>> No.442  


So what does {zo'e co'e} mean?

>> No.464  


>> No.467  


Hard to say without any context. "the obvious thing from the context does/is the obvious thing from the context". I doubt it's ever a very useful thing to say, but maybe in some context...

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