xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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What implications does [zo <<le] have that “the” does not?

What does [le la le mlatu .xarold. ku le gerku] mean? How about: [[le la le mlatu .xarold. ku cu gerku]?

If an CVCCV or CCVCV word is a gismu (although most do not have meaning), then what does [la .mlat.] mean? [la mlatu] or [la mlati]?

>> No.369  

"la mlat", "la mlatu" and "la mlati" possibly refer to three different people or things, none of them is equivalent to another. "mlat" is a cmevla, "mlatu" a defined gismu and "mlati" an undefined gismu form. All three can be used as names with "la".

The "le la le" forms given are both ungrammatical.

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