xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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In the 3rd paragraph of {ni'o re mo'o},

{ni'o [...] .i la'a da nitcu lo nu klama lo nenri kei gi'e ku'i mutce senpi [...] .i ca lo pu cerni ca lo nu lo vorme cu stela ganlo zo'u ro da djica lo nu klama lo nenri be lo gy kumfa}

, {da} is used twice without definition. Is it considered to have the same referent?

>> No.426  

In this case, it just happens that {da} will take values from the people in the house both times.

But in general a new quantification is like starting with a new variable. You can't quantify with the same variable twice, so a second quantifier forces the variable to take values from a (possibly) different set.

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