xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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the form {lo ji'a nanba}, {lo po'o nanba} etc. be?

>> No.430  

{la ji'a nanba}, {la po'o nanba}.

UIs can also be used after LA when it is followed by a cmevla.

>> No.434  


How can we figure out whether or not {ji'a} in {la ji'a nanba} is part of the name?

>> No.439  


It is not part of the name, because the UI indicator is a modifier of LA, not part of its argument.

More tricky is the question of inner quantifiers or sumti modifiers as in {la ci nanba} or {la mi nanba}. In the case of inner quantifiers, the convention is that it is part of the name. In the case of the sumti modifier, or relative clauses, maybe not.

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