xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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... in Lojban? I could only find the x3 of "brife" for "speed".

>> No.472  

There is no standard way as yet.

Some possibilities:

lo nu mi bajra cu minli li 50 ze'a ro cacra
"My running amounts to 50 miles each hour."

lo nu mi bajra cu minlycacryparbi li 50
"My running is 50 in mile-hour-ratio."

mi bajra sela'u li 50 tela'u lo minlycacryparbi
"I run with amount 50 on scale mile-hour-ratio."

Something else.

>> No.484  


Ok. But I'm still lost at a sumti for "speed" in general. "lo nilsutra" or "lo nilmasno" may work fine in a specific context but not in a general one.

>> No.485  


Right. There are no general words for "length", "height", "width", "depth", and so on either. There's {junta} for "weight", but it's a fluke. So we have to make do with {ni clani}, {ni galtu}, {ni ganra}, {ni condi}, ...

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