xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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Can the whole scope of "tu'e ... tu'u" be referred by "di'u"? What exactly is an "utterance" in Lojban?

>> No.473  

Yes. di'u is "what has just been said", that vague. There are no precise boundaries. Similarly di'e is "what follows", "what will be said next".

>> No.479  


An utterance in Lojban is anything is the thing being written, spoken, or communicated in some other way.

If I commented here as "moo." and then you asked "what did you just say?", both things in quotes are utterances. You might not have noticed it, but I did not say anything- I typed it. That is a fault with English. In Lojban you would say something equivalent to "what was it that was recently uttered by you?".

Text (hand-written, typed, etc.), sounds (speech), etc. are all types of utterances.

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