xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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Can "cu" be used more than once like this:

mi sepi'o da cu broda gi'e seka'a de cu brode

>> No.498  

No, after "gi'e" the selbri must follow directly, no intervening terms.

But with "ge" it is possible:

mi ge sepi'o da cu broda gi seka'a de cu brode

>> No.500  


No intervening terms; does that include sumtcita? Is "... gi'e seka'a de brode" also ungrammatical?

>> No.502  



All the terms preceding the first selbri are shared by the two connected sebri, so if the second selbri was allowed to have its own preceding terms, that would break the symmetry of the connective, because the first selbri couldn't have its own terms in such position.

<shared-terms> <selbri-1> <terms-1> gi'e <selbri-2> <terms-2> vau <shared-terms>

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