xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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... in Lojban? I've seen some which use "a'o", but it sometimes sounds a little bit too explicit. Would simply "doido'u cerni" or even just "cerni" work?

>> No.499  

That sounds more like "Hey! It's morning." It seems too neutral for a greeeting. But I guess something like "zabna cerni" could work. "It's a nice morning [because I met you]", for example.

But I suppose anything at all can become a greeting just by force of habit. If it becomes a ritual to make the remark "it's morning" when you meet someone in the morning, it becomes a kind of greeting.

>> No.539  

{za'a zabna cerni a'o} seems like "I observe it's a favourable morning I hope [for you]"

I think actually wanting "good morning" in the sense of a greeting ("Hail!") rather than a well-wishing ("I hope your morning is well") is malglico.

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