xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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Can, for 11:55, I say "li gai pini'u remu"? At its most basic and unspecific, can I use "point negative 25"?

Also, how does "ki'o" (the grouping of three decimals) work in decimals?

Can I use "ki'o" in hexadecimal? If so, what does it mean?

Last, if I say "pa ki'o pamu" what does it mean? Where does the zero go? What about "pi paki'opamu"? Or "pa pi ki'opamu"?

>> No.522  

i'm not an expert on hexadecimals, but:

ki'o works like this:

ki'o => 1000
re ki'o => 2000
re ki'o pa => 2001
re ki'o pa re => 2012
re ki'o pa re ci => 2123
re ki'o pa ki'o re ci => 2001023

so the numbers after the ki'o fill up the space from the right side

pi pa ki'o pa mu => 0.10015 (i believe)
pa pi ki'o pa mu => 1.0015 (i believe)

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