xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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Does "co" make everything following it part of the tanru? Or just the next (one) word? How does it differ from a normal tanru in meaning? With a jek?

>> No.525  

It inverts the adjoining brivlas while preserving their original tanru relation. So "melbi nixli" (seltau-tertau) and "nixli co melbi" (tertau-seltau) are the same in meaning.

Such inversion comes in handy when you want to insert some sumti into the seltau on the level of the main bridi:

ko'a nixli co melbi mi
She is a girl who looks beautiful to me


ko'a melbi be mi nixli
She is a beutiful-to-me type of girl

>> No.529  


Can I say "[melbi co mi tricu]"? What about "[melbi tricu co xamgu]"?

>> No.531  


"mi", which is a sumti, cannot come after "co", which joins only words that can be a selbri.

"melbi tricu co xamgu" is grammatical. It's read as

((melbi tricu) co (xamgu))

, and is identical in meaning with

(xamgu ke (melbi tricu))


(xamgu (melbi bo tricu))

>> No.537  

Inversion of tanru: http://jbotcan.org/cllc/c5/s8.html

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