xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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How would one say "another" in Lojban?

Also, how about "where".

>> No.546  


1) [da poi ke'a drate (...)]

2) Try [zo vi] which means "near" or [zo bu'u] (which means "conciding with").

>> No.547  

1) {lo drata be ...} is "a different thing from", {lo za'u moi me da} would be "the more-th one of" or "another one of the same thing" - the difference is like "do you want another apple" vs "do you want something else?"

2) {vi ma} and {bu'u ma} are what you want, indeed.

>> No.549  


1 )Which is which (for the apple v. other thing example)?

2) When would you use those two?

>> No.553  


mi nitcu lo drata stizu ki'u lo nu lo vi stizu cu spofu
I need another chair because this one is broken.
(another = other than this one)

mi nitcu lo za'u moi stizu ki'u lo nu lo cnino vitke cu tolci'a
I need another chair because a new guest has arrived.
(another = an additional one)

>> No.554  


tolci'a -> tolcliva

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