xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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I'm currently having a discussion with (presumably) an Esperantist who believes "Lojban is crappy and inflexible":


>> No.561  

hey, TomSFox showed to be a real arse on IRC earlier today, you might as well not bother with his significantly dumb remarks. he's clearly in denial about the whole issue. you're like "being feminin is considered second-class" and he's like "THATS NOT SEXISM ALL PEOPLE EVER COMPLAIN ABOUT IS SEXISM TOWARDS WOMEN YOU DOUBLE STANDARDS IDIOT!!!111"

< Broca> Don't you guys know that Youtube comments are, like, the stupidest forum on the Internet or something?

so true!

>> No.562  

and also: have i ever seen you before?
if not: fi'i doi mirandansar ui

>> No.563  

Indeed. He's a (recently ex-)Lojbanist. He came in this morning to #lojban to tell us that he's leaving for Esperanto because it's so much better. After an ensuing argument, I gave him the boot.

mu'o mi'e bancus, The Resident Asshole of #lojban

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