xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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Why does every cmevla need a dot after its ending consonant, which (together with the following space) is supposed to be already distinguishing the word as such?

>> No.593  

The dot is always optional in writing, if a space is used. The dot serves to remind that there is an obligatory pause there. Not all spaces represent obligatory pauses.

>> No.594  


The "dot" here represents a pause. If the pause was not there, then the last consonent of the cmevla would/may run into the next word. For example: "[la martin. a'o citka lo plise]" would become "[la marti na'o citka lo plise]". Or: "[la bab. ractu]" would be "[la ba bractu].

>> No.596  

Plus there's the other, totally impractical, reason: That it makes our language even weirder looking! We've already got abundant use of X, weird word shapes, lots of apostrophes. So we take it to the next level with a bunch of periods and even COMMAS. Oh yeah baby! If you are looking for an alien looking language for a comic book, have we got your thing! Klingon's uppercasing, oh yeah sO LeEt DudEZ. Come on we're where it's at.

zo'o mi'e .sel,kik.

>> No.597  


I'm wondering about the comma in ".sel,kik". Isn't it supposed to be used between vowels?

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