xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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30017 No.60  

In here we will discuss meeting up in Manchester.

>> No.64  

A weekend is probably pretty good.

>> No.65  

For me, weekend means Saturday. I LARP on Sundays.

>> No.66  

I'm fine any time, really. Fridays are probably best avoided, though.

>> No.73  

Right, I'm looking at my calendar.

This Sat is probably too short a notice.
Week sat (3rd May) is okay.
10th is too close to my exams
After exams comes to 7th June as the nearest Saturday afterwards.

tueis: you're coming up from London?

>> No.74  

I'm the same as Twey; any time is good for me. 3rd May is fine. Afterwards, also.

>> No.101  

Are we going for this Saturday or waiting until June?

>> No.102  

I can do this Saturday. If that's too short-notice, waiting 'till June is also fine.

>> No.105  

Following talk in #lojban, it looks like it'll be June. When do we want in June?

>> No.106  

I don't have anything planned in June. Unless something comes up nearer the time I should be available for any weekend.

>> No.187  

Bump, it's June. Saturdays are my only day again.

>> No.210  

Bump. It's July. I'm back to any day, hopefully temporally.

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