xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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Can "la'o zoi Le Petit Prince" be treated in the same way as the sumti "le cmalu noltru"? For example:

le cmalu noltru cu litru -->
la'o zoi Le Petit Prince zoi litru

Or is it that "la'o zoi Le Petit Prince zoi" is supposed to be "lu'e le cmalu noltru", a symbol, therefore cannot be the x1 of litru?

>> No.608  

{la'o zoi Le Petit Prince zoi} is a sumti, referring to the thing named "Le Petite Prince". So in that way it's much more like {la cmalu noltru} than {le cmalu noltru}. I think in reality, it's the name of a book, which isn't the sort of thing that can travel, but in lojban anything can be named. {la'o lojbo. binxo .lojbo spuda} (aside from the fact that you could just say {la binxo cu spuda}

>> No.609  


"I think in reality, it's the name of a book"

The name is the "zoi ... zoi" part. The "la'o ..." as a whole is the book itself. Right?

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