xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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Even though the definition of zo valsi is "x1 is a word meaning x2...", can I quote two or more words in the x1 terbri seeing as how Lojban does not specify number (is that just a convention in the English rendering or actually the only intended interpretation). What if I have a tanru in the first terbri?

>> No.622  

I think it should be restricted to one lexeme, one morphological unit. Tanrus are not such a unit (but lujvos are).

A tanru's meaning can be expressed as "lu broda brode li'u selsmu (/se smuni) ..."

>> No.624  


You can certainly put more than one word in the x1 of valsi. For example:

zo ba .e zo be .e zo bi cu valsi
"ba", "be" and "bi" are words.

But a tanru is not just words, it consists of words, but with a certain structure. Saying that a tanru is words is like saying that you are cells. Perhaps in some context it makes sense, but normally not.

>> No.626  



I see! Thank you. That makes so much sense!


(If I knew how to make text bigger and in bold, this post owuld use up a lot of room (that is how excited I am))

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