xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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How is "in order to" said in Lojban?

>> No.634  

{mi zukte lo nu klama lo zarci kei lo nu mi cpacu lo djacu} - i go to the store in order to acquire water.

{mi klama lo zarci fi'o te zukte lo nu cpacu lo djacu} and {mi klama lo zarci te zu'e lo nu cpacu lo djacu} both work as well and are more elegant.

>> No.635  


Try "[tezu'e]" which, as I learned from Rizen, means "for the goal of..."- it is a sumti tcita.

"[sesau]" also might work (it means "is needed for something") and also is a sumtcita.

Hope that helps!

>> No.636  


Oh, and "[te zu'e]" comes from [zo <<zukte] so they both work. The tcita is just more condensed and does not get in the way of the main bridi (which otherwise would need to be in an abstraction or spearated from the one containg [zo <<zukte]).

>> No.637  

which is basically what i suggested :)

>> No.639  


Oh, okay. Thank you everyone.

>> No.643  


Yup. :) [.uizo'o]

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