xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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What does "klama mi zo'e zo'e zo'e zo'e" mean?

What is the difference between ".uinaicai" and ".uicainai"?

>> No.664  

If you had said "mi klama zo'e zo'e zo'e zo'e", that would mean "I am going somewhere, from somewhere, via some route, using some vehicle". With mi after klama, the x1 slot of klama is assumed to be zo'e, so it means "something is going to me, from somewhere, via some route, using some vehicle, something". I have no idea what the last zo'e is supposed to mean.

".uinaicai" means "unhappyness, intense", while ".uicainai" means "happyness, unintense".

>> No.665  



uinaicai = strong-(non-happiness)
uicainai = non-(strong-happiness)

>> No.666  



uinaicai = strong-(non-happiness)
uicainai = (non-strong)-happiness

>> No.667  


What would ".uinaicainai" mean?

>> No.668  

why, non-extreme unhappyness of course.

>> No.670  



>> No.672  


The second one: If the left-grouping applies, "uicai" is formed first, which then gets modified by the following "nai", in which case it's "non-(extreme-happiness)".

>> No.673  


To my eyes:


((ui nai) cai) nai

>> No.676  

there is no grouping here. the nai affects the previous particle only. That's why nai applies to cai only. I will look it up in the CLL and then link it from here.

>> No.677  

OK, i didn't find it in the CLL, but i'm still sure i'm right :)

>> No.678  


>> No.679  


So [lu <<.uinaicai>> li'u] would mean "(happiness-not)-intense", [lu <<.uicainai>> li'u] is "happiness-(intense-not)", and [lu <<.uinaicainai>> li'u] is "(happiness-not)-(intense-not)"? What is the intensity of [zo <<nai] immediately after [zo <<cai]? Is it like [zo <<na] or more like [zo <<to'e]?

>> No.686  


The grammar appears to contradict itself on this.

http://jbotcan.org/cllc/c13/s8.html claims nai scalar negates UI and CAI (not this value, but some other value on this scale).

http://jbotcan.org/cllc/c15/s7.html claims nai polar negates UI and CAI (the opposite value on this scale).

I think the Right-Thing-To-Do would be to use nai to polar negate UI and scalar negate CAI. That would make .uinaicainai mean "I am feeling opposite-of-happy (unhappy), not intensely.", not "I am feeling unhappy, opposite-of-intensely."

>> No.694  


Can I non-error-quote only cnivla?

>> No.695  


I like your interpretation.

>> No.698  


"lu ... li'u" can be used to quote anything that is by itself a grammatical text (including the empty string, BTW).

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