xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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In ''' fu'e .a'u la lojban. .iu co'e fu'o ''' does ''' .a'u ''' apply even to even other attitudinals. What if I said ''' se'i ''' instead of ''' .a'u ''' ? Would it mean "for the benefit of myself" for evey word, or just the cnivla, or is it completely ungrammatical?

If I say ''' zo'e mlatu .iu .ui .i co'e ''' do both the cnivla apply to ''' mlatu ''' ? Do I need to denote them with fu'e/fu'o? Where would I do this? Or would ''' .ui ''' apply to ''' .iu ''' ?

Where can I learn more about cnivla?

Is the word "cnivla" even what I think it means? Am I using it correctly & to express what I mean correctly?

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Instead of ''' .uinaise'inai .uuse'inai .o'i .o'ucu'i .u'o pei? .oi pei? .o'u ''' could I use

>> " ''' fu'ese'inai .uinai .uu fu'o .o'i .o'ucu'i .u'o fu'epei? .oi .o'u fu'o ''' ? "
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errr... I dunno. Bump!

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