xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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Yeah, that guy again...

>> No.704  


Heh, I had just watched that. Pretty humorous coincidence. So he just recently posted it then?

>> No.713  

Okay. Um. This is my rant against Lojban. Lojban is, like, a completely neutral and logical language. I tried learning this Lojban but it seemed... too... complex for me, like, for an example, it has a verb-noun system. It doesn't have, like, any adjectives. You have to use the nouns to represent the adjective. And you can't just put, like, "I go to the store", because there are these "sockets" that you have to put each word in. It's like 'x', like the word 'klama' means to go. But you can't just say "I klama blah blah blah". You have to go "x1 klama, x2 towards, x3 blah blah blah, x4 blah blah blah, x5". You, and, you have to fill, and make your sentences stay into this order, all the time. There's no words for "to", there's no word for "for", there's no word for "towards", there's no word for "at". You just have to fill in these sockets all the time. And then, that's not, that's not even the worst part. The worst part is that there's these words, like "fa", "fe", "fi", "fo", "fu", and you enter these words so that you can skip a socket. You skip a socket and you go to another one. Um. What human being can completely master this language, it's too... much. I mean I can see you wanna be logical. I'm not saying lojban should be abolished, per se, like it should just disappear. I think people should learn lojban if they wanna challenge their mind, because these is really like a mind game or something. This language is just too much to be an international langauge. Er, I love the influence on the eastern languages, though, good job, lojban, but, no. [Sigh]. This language is just too much. I wasted freakin', two months learning this language and I still don't know that much.

>> No.715  

More of this flavour of ignorance: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=gyGUWb2yExM#t=3m37s

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