xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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What is the lujvo for "November"?

>> No.836  

Probably pavypavma'i, "11(th) month".

>> No.837  


Is there a way to condense "fei zei masti"? "feirma'i" wouldn't work since it's "fepni zei masti".

Or how about "lo (pe) fei masti", "the month of 11"? Not a lujvo, but still neat.

>> No.838  


There is no rafsi for fei, so there's no easy way to condense "fei zei masti".

"lo fei masti" means "a/some eleven months". What you probably want is "la feimoi masti", "Eleventh Month". "pavypavma'i" is actually short for "papamoi masti", with "moi" deliberately left out to shorten the lujvo. The lujvo for days of the week are formed in the same way. E.g., "pavdei"'s tanru is "pa djedi", but it means "pamoi djedi", "1st day" (of the week), "Monday".

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