xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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How would you say the "out-" in "I am going to out-bid you." or "She out-ran me by thirty miles"? It has a sense of not just being better in whatever the aspects are, but also being victorious in some kind of competition that purtains to those aspects.

>> No.861  

ko'a zmadu mi le ni bajra ku cino minli
"It (she) exceeds me in the amount-of running by 30 miles"

ko'a bajmau mi cino minli
"It run-exceeds me by 30 miles"

If you want to capture the competitive aspect, you can use jivna ("compete"), or jinga ("win").

ko'a jvibajmau mi
"It (compete type-of run)-exceeds me."
"It out-raced me."

ko'a jinga bajmau mi re snidu
"It win run-exceed me 2 seconds."
"It victoriously out-ran me by 2 seconds."

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