xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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e'inai Any take on defining "prenu" in Lojban?

>> No.867  

ko'a remna gi'a sanji vo'a gi'a tarti lo racli

>> No.868  


Is a braindead "lo ca prenu" or "lo pu prenu"?

>> No.870  


lo pu prenu, yes.

lo ca prenu, it depends for whom and for what purpose. (A definition can't solve a moral dilemma, if that's what you're after.)

>> No.871  


The official definition is pretty free of restraint already: "x1 displays personality/a persona", "not necessarily human".

My personal definition of "person", though broad, is still narrower than that.

>> No.873  


pe'i I can define a braindead with life support equipment as:

lo ca prenu naje jmive

and a complete dead as:

lo ca prenu najenai jmive

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