xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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In ".ua.ui ti melbi", "ui" clearly modifies "ua". But I'm not sure about ".ua .ui ti melbi". Does ".ua .ui", spaced, mean two separate emotions or one combined emotion?

Also, do these mean the same:

lo karce cu .ui melbi gi'e sutra bajra vau .ua

lo karce cu .ua melbi gi'e sutra bajra vau .ui

>> No.905  

there is absolutely not even the tinyest bit of difference between "ua.ui" and "ua .ui"

i would interpret both those sentences to mean the same.
i'm not sure about one UI modifying another one...

>> No.906  


Is there any attitudinal separator? Would "do'u" work between "ua .ui"?

>> No.907  

no, do'u works for COI and DOI only (i believe).
can you give a reference to the CLL that shows, that in {ua ui} the {ui} modifies the {ua}?

>> No.908  


I'm fairly certain this says that attitudinals are additive, that is, they both modify the previous non-attitudinal word.

Confusion might arise from the last sentence, where attitudinal modifiers are being discussed, which are different from attitudinals themselves.

>> No.912  


First, I would like it to be known that I have not read any of the other responses yet. I just was so eagre to jump onto this one that I could not spare the time to do so.

See http://jbo.jbotcan.org/en/arch/res/225.html

There is "a weird passage in CLL about how there's some ambiguity as to whether attitudinals affect the previous attitudinal or form a cluster." I, like Selkik, say that they do not modify eachother. It, as one example of point, is much more useful for attitudinals to modify the rest of the text and not other attitudinals unless if specifically stated otherwise. I like the analogy that Selkik created as well about how the bridi is like a string and attitudinals are like hooks. One typically does not have a hook on a hook, but many hooks on the wall. Each hook modifies the bridi string but not the other hooks.

Also, there are multiple reasons why ".ua.ui" is the same thing as ".ua .ui". The most prominent thing is that pauses can only take place inbetween words. The period represents such a pause, so the words break apart there.

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