xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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ge lo patfu gi lo mamta cu su'o roi denpa fi lo crane be lo kumfa pe la .gregor. ca lo nu lo mensi cu ganzu

Isn't the x3 of "denpa" supposed to be a state?

>> No.929  

my ca lo nu ba'o cliva cu zi bilga lo nu skicu fo lo tcila fe [...] lo nu xu kau ju'o cu'i ganse lo cmalu nu zenba lo ka kanro

Is this "ju'o cu'i" meant to be of the speaker?

>> No.933  

denpa: Yes, you could say "fi lo ka ce'u zvati lo crane be ...", or "tu'a lo crane be ...". I don't think it's really necessary to exclude locations as a possible x3 though.

ju'o cu'i: It is expressed by the author, yes. It is a common stylistic turn (in any language) for an author to express attitudes that their characters would express, even when not using direct quotation.

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