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Why are there different restrictions on consonant cluster AND initial consonant cluster? What is the point in allowing "spraile" as a fu'ivla but not "ktraile" or "trkaile"?

>> No.951  

The initial clusters concern only the onset of a syllable. The general consonant clusters include also syllable boundaries, where the first consonant belongs to one syllable and the second consonant to the next syllable.

As for the particular choice of restrictions, some are more arbitrary than others.

>> No.956  

The idea is to make words easier to pronounce. Internal consonant clusters have fewer restrictions on them than initial clusters because internal clusters can be pronounced as though the first consonant were part of the previous syllable. E.g., "giktru" can be pronounced "gik,tru", but in "ktraile" you'd have to break up "ktr" with buffer sounds if you had trouble pronouncing it as a whole.

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