xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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If Lojban allows syllabic pronunciations of consonants anyway, why does it need rules for permissible consonants at all, which seems to be overcomplicating the grammar?

>> No.953  

Only l, m, n, r are supposed to have a syllabic pronunciation.

As to why have phonotactic rules at all, the idea was to keep the more difficult or potentially confusing combinations out. What is difficult or potentially confusing is of course arguable, and often depends on one's native language. For the most part the rules make some sense, although there are some quirky ones too.

>> No.954  


Why is m+z disallowed? Just because of difficulty pronouncing it?

>> No.955  


I don't think difficulty was the reason here. It occurs in English, so at least for English speakers it should be easy enough.

I think the argument was that it is easily confused with n+z (or perhaps with something else, maybe m+s, I'm not sure).

In my opinion, disallowing m+z is the least justifiable of the phonotactic constraints, especially because it so specifically targets a single cluster. Most of the other constraints can at least be stated in terms of classes of phonemes, rather than single ones.

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