xu do sisku lo lojbo tcana
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How would you make a sumti for "a ten-times-bigger star" using "pi'i"?

>> No.969  

It's awkward.

lo nu'a pi'i be li pano bramau tarci

nu'a converts pi'i from an operator to a selbri (x1 is result, x2 etc. are the operands), and the "be" clause puts the number 10 in its x2 slot.

It would be shorter to use "pilji".

lo pilji be li pano bramau tarci
lo pavnonpi'ibramau tarci

Does anyone know if one's allowed to write "lo 10pi'ibramau tarci"?

>> No.972  


"10pi'ibramau" is "panopi'ibramau", which is ungrammatical.

"10" can't really be used to write pavnon without causing ambiguity.


Ten-times-bigger than what?

lo vi tarci cu dekto lo va tarci lo ka barda
"This star is ten times that star in bigness."

lo vi tarci cu bradekto lo va tarci
"This star is ten times bigger than that star"

lo bradekto tarci
"a ten-times-bigger star"

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