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Lojban and linguistics research Anonymous
16/06/23(Thu)19:56 No.1822
Lojban and linguistics research Anonymous 16/06/23(Thu)19:56 No.1822   []

Have there been any actual linguistic research performed on lojban?
My impression has been that it's... not exactly liked by linguists, and mostly ignored when it comes to scientific research but that's just what i've heard from them.

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RE: Lojban and linguistics research Anonymous
16/06/25(Sat)19:02 No.1823 []

Not that I know of. There's an article by nitcion about {vo'a} [1] and an chapter in Arika Okrent's "In the Land of Invented Languages" [2], but both don't go into much depth and were written before the language could be considered to have fluent speakers. I would love to read a proper linguistic analysis of Lojban, but it probably has to wait until someone learns it natively (or fails to!). Current speakers fare much better than those of nitcion's time with logical structure and morphology, but AFAIK everyone still misses or overuses terminators from time to time in speech.

[2] easy enough to pirate

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