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spuda mrilu

pixra tutci kramu li pi'i se galfi

do se cmene
samymri judri
lo pinka se cmene (encouraged)
vimcu jaspu to jaspu fo lo nu vimcu lo pinka toi
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li pavorepa  


barkla xirlitru pacna
.i vaitca jikca noda .uonai
.i ganai cusku fizi'o
gi valsi morna zbasu .i critu
brife kansa mibypre

tu'u selsmu di'e .i .gy.
.........."The Capital

Out of my gate I galloped, full of hope--
But now my heart is lonely in Chang-an.
Since I have no one to confide in
I chant a poem, alone with the autumn wind."

(translated by J D Frodsham, 1983) .gy.

vimcu le cuxne[]
vimcu jaspu