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.o'i mu xagji sofybakni cu zvati le purdi

Testing the site

< jcowan> If you tell me you are repurposing ko, you will die in the arse.
<timonator> i feel like crap
<Broca> timonator: hot, steamy, and irresistible to flies?
<rlpowell> The algorithm is *very* well described on the supermemo site.
<rlpowell> Like, described the "please, for the love of god, shut the fuck up" level.
<timonator> hmm, i like the idea of throwing heavy objects at people
* bancus notes that this and shit are anagrams.
* Eimi replaces every implementation of qsort in StephenPollei's OS with a bubblesort, then runs away giggling.
<cizra> Hm. Did reconstructing my kitchen count as well? (=
<Tene> just one huge rock and one slightly smaller rock.
<Tene> That's all you *really* need.
<cizra> What's the secon one for?
<cizra> Beating the first one until its warm enough to cook with?
<cmacis> be funny if I ended up teaching logic
<cmacis> being a lojbanist
<cmacis> "and this is predicate logic. It makes a good basis for grammar for conlangs"
<Broca> Remind me not to volunteer for something ever again.
* clsn looks for volunteers to remind Broca.
<Broca> But it's fascinating how easily anything becomes boring when you _have_ to do it.
* bancus feels sorry for the poor brain of anyone trying to analyze his Amazon.com purchases.
<bancus> My last two were a 36-pack of condoms, (Which fit wonderfully, BTW) and a book called Logic in Linguistics.
* bancus can feel the poor analysts' heads breaking.
<timonator> .o(child "timonator" terminated with exit status -127)
<cmacis> we killed your inner child?
<cizra> Despite all evidence to the contrary, the Universe consists of two base elements - magic and bullshit.
<cizra> clsn: General relativity ain't for everyone. Not for me, for sure
<clsn> of course it's for everyone.  that's why it's GENERAL relativity.
<cmacis> my star sign's beaver. us beavers don't believe in astrology
<LogicalDash> mi masno binxo lo ckana
<pitr> you just said you're slowly turning into a bed
<LogicalDash> whoa
<LogicalDash> awesome
<timonator> i wonder. if i had a girlfriend, would she enjoy a love statement in lojban+srilermorna as much as you enjoyed the love statement in englisch+tengwar?
<Eimi> I would conjecture that any girl who would be your girlfriend for long would probably appreciate such geekery.  :)
<cizra> By the way, we set up a Lojban SILC channel yesterday.
<Tene> bah, silc.  who uses that?  nobody!
<Eimi> bah, lojban.  who uses that?  nobody!
<cizra> Whadya mean, going to teach kids?
<cmacis> yes
<cmacis> they're so tiny!
<cizra> You're so big, especially with that axe.
<florolf> but for simplicity's sake i just cut the whole thing into a stream of words, app
ly makfa on them and put them back together
<cmacis> yay for makfa
<timonator> i wonder where is bancus?
<kamsen> Where The Hell Is Bancus? Probably creating one of those viral videos where he travels around the world, dancing and speaking Lojban in every country
<cmacis> oh dear, how does lojban deal with stutters
<cmacis> stutter with "si" too much and you're back to square one
<cmacis> just completed my 2nd year :) I'm a smiley maths nazi
<cmacis> everything good is maths. Pythagoras was right.
<Broca> I've seen both xadni+jgari, birka+jgari and prami+jgari for "hug".
<Broca> xadjai is something a fireman could do to rescue someone from a burning house. Hugging presupposes affection.
<florolf> assuming the riemann hypothesis is true
<cmacis> ah, please be true, please be true
[talking about a program]
<cmacis> it's so far into beta
<cmacis> as in the avatars have very easily broken graphics
<Twey> What, Windows?
<Twey> Oh
<clsn> "Yes," I tell people, "I *do* speak Klingon, and yes, I *have* met girls.  My wife 
       of the past 16 years absolutely *swears* she's a girl.  I checked the pictures in medical 
       texts; I think she's telling the truth."
<clsn> "And she gave birth to two children who look a lot like me."
<rlpowell> That.  Is.  So.  Awesome.
<cizra> *sigh*
<cizra> I spent 5 minutes typing on a keyboard of a headless box that wasn't connected.
<vomoi> i got a question
<Eimi> We have answers.  Unfortunately, they don't always match.
<Eppcott> I'm at the stage in the process where I can import a file, but it's asking for a "QA" file, which apparently is a type of xhtml
<rlpowell> I can generate *anything*.  :)
<kamsen> because, as a wise man (I think it was Jesus), once said
<kamsen> the price of infinite specificness is infinite wordiness
<cmacis> that was camgusmis.
<cmacis> easy to mix them up
<Eimi> "Never attribute to stupidity that which can more amusingly be attributed to a good conspiracy."
<vomoic> mi na me la .pitsa.
<StephenPollei> you are not a pizza
<dircer> which is true!
<dircer> well
<dircer> probably.
<StephenPollei> I never ran across sentient pizza
[experimental cmavo]
<Eppcott> how about bua'a'a for "before I kill you"
<lakmeer_> wow i didnt know jbofi'e had its own package! man i should have done this sooner
* lakmeer_ dances through a world of discovery
<cmacis> here you are talking about future tech and I spend all day babysitting some ancient fax machines
[computer mice]
<cizra> [...] really thought it looks like a mouse.
<timonator> it has its tail in front.
<timonator> unless you "tap that ass" rather than the ears
<cmacis> why must man pages be hard
<bancus> Because you keep wearing that slutty dress.
<cmacis> you know my secret, but how?
<mungojelly> i've never spoken with Nora.. the most contact i've had with her is noralujv.txt
<abd_ul_jetnu> sigh, if only my friends were interested in Lojban ...
<komfn> abdul: I'm afraid we /are/ your friends.
<cizja> Eimi: Have you been becoming smaller lately?
<Eimi> Yes.  I've been crediting it to diet, but it could just be a symptom of the end of the universe.  Those are easy to confuse.
<Broca> Well, I for one like having my dreams come true. :-)
<Eimi> You must have very different dreams from mine.
<Eimi> Some of mine are very enjoyable indeed, but if they started to occur in what I normally
       think of as reality I would be terrified indeed.  For one thing, it would mean that
       everyone who's told me anything about physics was either tragically ignorant or a horrible 
<bancus> There's a non-zero chance that the experiment will create (a) black holes(s).
<bancus> Of course, there's a non-zero chance that I might fart a black hole, too.
<bancus> Who knows.
<clsn> The machine is turned on, the lights go out, all the stars vanish and a loud voice heard across the planet says "you have reached level 2".
<florolf> clsn, what happens then?
<clsn> "The Word Paperclip will appear with "It looks like you're trying to confirm fundamental physics. Can I help?"
<Broca> A real-time space flight sim would be pretty boring.
<Broca> 2999 years, 365 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds to Alpha Centauri ...
<Broca> 2999 years, 365 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, 49 seconds to Alpha Centauri ...
<Eimi> Word that should *not* exist: gnudo: x1 pertains to naked/nude/unclothed Richard Stallman culture/nationality/identity in aspect x2.
<clsn> Law school is said to be the opposite of sex: even when it's good it's lousy
<cizra> PCI slut..
<Tene> "His GPS system said "turn right now". He obeyed without considering the consequences. He collided with a structure, damaging his car and the structure. He was fined."
<Tene> Also listed there is a bus colliding with a low bridge, people driving into canyons, driving into flooding rivers...
<rlpowell> Nice to see darwinian pressures are being applied to the human race once again.
<timonator> i found the problem
<timonator> no i mean
<timonator> the solution
<cizra> LVM <3
<cizra> The joys of it are immeasurable.
<cizra> It's like masturbating in the garden of Eden, on a beach.
<bancus> Where the fuck are all these morons coming from!?
<recon> bancus: from my "Principles of Computer Science" class.
<recon> rlpowell: wow. that's... probably a game that could only be dreamt of, let alone programmed, with massive amounts of mind-altering drugs.
<neptunepink> Step 1) Turn name into IPA. Step 2) Turn IPA into lojban
<cmacis> step 3) add many to your nerd score
<timonator> the only way you can have not the internet connection as a bottleneck is using gentoo...
<chrisdone> Tomoe: help I accidentally 93MB of .rar files
<Broca> You accidentally the verb out too.
<cmacis> it's so shiny, and yet, it's dirt
<Broca> xavyrebyfagdaskycizda'u :: c1=da1 is a Vulpix/[six-tailed fox Pok<E9>mon]
<Broca> wtf
21:44 < bancus> My girlfriend has a co-worker who seriously wonders why jews don't just accept Jesus so that they can go to heaven.
21:44 < clsn> Simple.  The prices in heaven are ridiculous!  In hell you can buy wholesale.
21:44 < bancus> The thing that gets me is not only does she wonder it, but she wonders it so innocently that she'd actually wonder it aloud.
11:44 <@timonator> thank you very much for this enlightening discussion about shit.
11:47 <@Broca> Fecally yours.
<Eimi> Idea for someone with way too much time on their hands: create a parallel complaint about English, in lojban.  Complain about how "give me the ball" and "give me to the ball" are so different, and how you have to use BAI-like prepositions for *everything*, etc etc.
<Eimi> Post on youtube with English subtitles.
19:32 < timonator> doi lojbot gletu pei
19:32 < lojbot> gletu fa ko le danlu
19:32 < timonator> oi
19:33 <@Broca> doi lojbot do mutce tolclite
19:33 < lojbot> lo penmi va'i cu mrobi'o
19:46 < chrisdone> ma grute doi lojbot
19:46 < lojbot> re'e lo se lebna be mi'o bei ko be'o .u'a fo'o cu grute
19:46 < chrisdone> zo re'e u'i
19:48 < timonator> lijda la lojbot lo nu se lebna fi lo badna
<Eimi> .i do gasnu lo nu mi morji tu'a la LOKadin .i ko co'a bredi lo nu do morsi
<pdf23ds> oi do
<chrisdone> ki'a
<pdf23ds> je'e
<pdf23ds> a'unai u'isai
<pdf23ds> That's as close as I could get to *evil laugh*
<chrisdone> ge'e cai vu'e nai zo'o u'i cai ro'e nai zo'o o'i nai zo'o oi nai zo'o u'u cu'i zo'o uu nai zo'o be'u nai zo'o 
Clyde collapes under the weight of a huge string of attitudinals.
<papermachine> doi lojbot xu do catra mi
<lojbot> lo se risna be va'i ti be'o cu catra le ve ckule be jy. boi bei fu le pe'a prenu be'o
<timonator> O_O
<timonator> lojbot just announced a school shooting
<timonator> that's creepy
<florolf> iidai
<cizra> Awesome! Cmacis is getting tentacles!
< lakmeer_> makes sense, although, excluding the recent example, ive neer seen it used as a selbri
< lakmeer_> is there a good example of one?
< timonator> ti nu do mrobi'o - this is your death
< lakmeer_> whoa, examplary AND badass. ki'e timos
<lericson> xu me mo
<timonator> xu me ma*
<lakmeer_> life goes on, bra

beatles reference ftw

<balnol> btw, Not challenging you, just mi na jimpe
<balnol> ROUND 1!!!
* donri kills balnol
<balnol> FIIIIGHT
<donri> wait what
<donri> oh sorry
<balnol> That was too fast.
<donri> thought we had started already
<donri> now you're dead
<Clyde> Oh, short fight.
<donri> what have i done
<donri> sorry.
<papermachine> coi rodo
<cizra> gemüse
<sarefo_home> cizra: who told you about "gemüse"? :)
<cizra> sarefo_home: A coworker
<sarefo_home> what exactly did he say?
<cizra> It seems he was a bit confused.
<cizra> he used it as a greeting or something.
12:50:19 *** nathan7 (i=frozenfi@ool-4571236c.dyn.optonline.net) has joined channel #lojbot
12:50:29 <nathan7> ?translate Hello.
12:50:30 <lojbot> parse error
12:50:37 <nathan7> ?sr Hello.
12:50:37 <lojbot> no lujvo found with the given selrafsi
12:50:47 <nathan7> ?s Hello.
12:50:47 <lojbot> no such selma'o
12:50:49 <nathan7> ?t Hello.
12:50:52 <lojbot> parse error
12:51:34 *** nathan7 (i=frozenfi@ool-4571236c.dyn.optonline.net) has left channel #lojbot
<Warrigal> Note to self: never say {fa'o}. Bad things will happen.
<cizra> Warrigal: Um, your text past the } didn't arrive.
<chrisdone> remember {la} is {la'e zo}
<chrisdone> take cizra, his name is, hm, bad example
<chrisdone> take donri, he's not an actual day time
< clsn> Almost enough reasons.  Only one thing is missing: cake.
< cizra> OK, OK, I'll get a cake as well.
< cizra> Um, you meant the kind with the stripper inside, yes?
< clsn> Excellent.  Ideally, yes.  Oh, but make sure the stripper goes in AFTER baking the cake, not before.
< clsn> I made that mistake once.  Ugh.  Tasted terrible.
* no`ax has joined #lojban
<no`ax> co'o
<cmacis> co'o
<no`ax> su
<no`ax> coi
<cmacis> coi
<no`ax> fairy: "you got one wish" me: "i want to speak lojban fluently" fairy: "wtf?"
<donri> how can attempto be parseable without terminators?
<Clyde> Huh?
<timonator> wha'?
<chrisdone> eh?
<balnol> .y.
04:27:22 <Teucer> "What are you doing? "Sudoku" "...why did you just say Doku, and what the hell does that mean?"
<donri> . i . xu . do . kancu . le . denpa . doi . kiris .
<chrisdone> na go'i
<chrisdone> haha, I just read 'i.e.' somewhere and wondered what they were agreeing about
09:50:28 <donri> Lojban, also known as GNU/Loglan

09:48:50 <chrisdone> I just like saying GNU/Linux, because only RMS Mathew Stallman takes it seriously

<chrisdone> ue le do pinji
<chrisdone> cu pinsi pe'a pindi
<chrisdone> fe lo ka barda
<Broca> “Motivational Lectures topics: [...] * How gismut has been formed?”
<Broca> How is babby formed?
<chrisdone> Broca: how selrafsi get lujvoed?
<Broca> chrisdone: they need to do way instain cmene>, who smush thier rafsi. because these rafsi cant frigth back?


<donri> potato mash and meatballs in four minutes. I love modern life.
<cmacis> mmm
<chrisdone> we did the monaster mash
<chrisdone> haha, s/monaster/monster
<chrisdone> we did the monastary mash, it was a cathedral smash!
<cmacis> I'm so desperate for new xamselsku that I'm considering that
<Eimi> I had an interesting idea for a novel cmavo this morning.
* Broca puts his fingers into his ears
* clsn is now known as notclsn
* notclsn (n=mark@pi.meson.org) has left #lojban
23:33 < dbrock``> .i lo jai badri cu mo
23:33 < florolf> go'i
<Luigi> I find it slightly scary that you two complete each other's ideas, apparently as the other may or may not be typing something similar.
<kribacr> la donri. jbobu'a mi
<donri> we're siamese twins

I don't have timestamp on .uinai. Edited one Luigi's line out.

<Luke> So, I'm confused about BO.
<rlpowell> Those crystal rock deoderants work really well; have you tried them?

on the lojban-beginners list

21:34 < kribacru> what does byfy do with the logs they read?
21:35 < Eimi> kribacru: We could tell you, but we'd have to kill you first (we tried "but then we'd have to kill you", but people kept backing out at the last minute.  Most inconvenient)
01:27:28 <kiris> do tolmipygau i'e nai zo'o lo du'u mi glibau kakne
01:27:46 <klaid> u'u cai
01:27:56 <kiris> zo'o pei
01:28:02 <klaid> zo'o
01:28:08 <klaid> u'u ru'e zo'o nai
01:28:11 <kiris> u'i i'e nai zo'o
01:28:19 <kiris> ua nai bu'o
01:28:45 <kiris> ua nai bu'o cu'i
01:28:45 <kiris> ua nai bu'o nai
01:28:45 <kiris> ua
01:28:54 <klaid> u'i
*** papermachine (n=ahoman@ has joined channel #jbopre
<kiris> hi paper
<papermachine> yo kiris
<papermachine> et al
<kiris> see that, paper loves me. the rest of you are just some latin
<cizra> Some abbreviated Latin, even. I feel so inferior now.
<papermachine> doi cizra mi nelci do
<kiris> usually it would need a {la}, but in this case it still works
<papermachine> xu do cusku lo sedu'u tu'a mi cu na gendra
<kiris> ja'a gendra gi'e pu'i ia na smudra
<cizra> u'i
<Eimi> doi le cizra no'u la cizra do'u mi ji'a do nelci
<cizra> \o/
* rlpowell rolls a 1 on his reading comprehension.
* cizra really prefers pubic transportation
< cizra> er, public
< papermachine> Freudian falling down the staircase?
17:51 < kribacr> i think im going to start filling in the unused places of selbri when people are talking
17:52 < kribacr> to make people start using 'vau' or else be ridiculed hehe
18:16 < clsn> "Thinking up unused places in brivla" sounds like one of the xkcd "My Hobby" entries...
[discussing simple english wikipedia]
<djanatyn> http://xkcd.com/547/
<donri> did you read the xkcd
<donri> ...
<djanatyn> :D
<donri> :D
<donri> ...
<djanatyn> ...

No stamps, but we spoke at the same times

< timonator> if the question is dumb, it's also considered grammatical to punch the other person in the face
21:33 < gejyspa> have a cookie (=co'oki'e)
21:33 -!- gejyspa [i=a281fb16@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-27a69a58f48955d9] has quit ["http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client"]
<Eimi> "xorlo" is the (sort of English, but of a gismu form) name for the change.  It's xorxes' version of {lo}.
<donri> i have a new proposal for {ri}!
<donri> lets call it
<donri> ...
<donri> *wait for it*

cut out a lot of uninteresting stuff

<kiris> nintadni pe'u lojbot
<lojbot> nintadni fa lo cidja be la banlinoblis be'o
<kiris> I came up with kiris because it sounds nice and has no meaning ^_^
<klaid> kiris, liar, it's a reference to cancelling tense defaults and rice!
<kiris> ;_;
<kiris> you have revealed my love of rice and mild dislike of tense
<kiris> these are the properties that define me as a human being

from a discussion of name meanings

10:27 < donri> we need a lojban ballet. in space.
10:30 < lindar> ROCK ballet in space.
10:31 < donri> meteor rock?
10:33 < neptunepink> Meteor and roll? Does this kind of music have mete(o)r?
23:48 < Broca> mlismu answers: fe mi pinji fa lo te cadzu be ny. bei mi
23:48 < Broca> “I walk on N with my penis”?
23:49 < kiris> wise words from mlismu
23:50 < kiris> never walk on N without genitals
01:17 < lindar> Wow, I almost understood all of that without having to use a dictionary.
01:17 < timonator> ui you turn me on when you say things like that
01:18 < cmacis> if you two start cybering in lojban, do it here so it goes in the logs

in #lojban

18:13 < selkik> mi pu za krici lo du'u la xalbo cu nintadni
18:14 < timonator> u'i ru'e
18:14 < timonator> la xalbo mutce certu nintadni
18:28 < donri> timonator: +cu!
18:30 < timonator> ua ki'e
18:30 < donri> za'a do mutce tolcertu nintadni :)
18:31 < xalbo> .i mi'e la xalbo mutce certu nintadni .i ku'i .e'a zo xalbo cmene fi do
12:23 < timonator> who made the jipci on jbotcan?
12:25 < gunkamanti> who *is* this jipci, i'ening without the i'enator's permission?!
12:27 < timonator> i don't know, but i am very mad.
12:29 < gunkamanti> i have a hunch you won't have beef burgers tonight ;)
02:43 < Keiya> An analogy is Lojban as C, and English as Smalltalk. If you're familiar with those programming tools.
02:44 < shachaf> Keiya: ...Is this supposed to be in support of Lojban? :-)
02:44 < Keiya> shachaf: Well, it's comparative :J
02:45 < Keiya> Replace C with just about anything, really.
02:45 < timonator> Keiya: lojban is lolcode?
02:45 < Keiya> timonator: Well, both have a tendancy towards phonetic spelling...
00:03 -!- florolf has quit ["The sofa is not magic."]
00:05 < klaid> la .florolf. se cfipu .i pau nai ma na djuno lo du'u le sfofa cu makfa
<timonator> mi xusra lo du'u la djanatyn mutce plana je tilju
<Broca> doi timonator le do mamta cu mutce plana je tilju
<djanatyn> Why is Broca insulting timos? O_o
<timonator> djanatyn: that's the way we do it around here
<djanatyn> It seems that all insults are completely random.
<timonator> ui mi se pamjai
<djanatyn> Me: Hello. You: How are you doing? Me: Fine. You: Your mother is a fat pig.
<djanatyn> I must be missing something...
<klaid> <djanatyn> Me: Hello. You: How are you doing? Me: Fine. You: Your mother is a fat pig. <-- ti me lo'e nu vi casnu
<CosmicRay> OK, imagine everything I say is technical, unless it's completely ridiculously stupid, in which case imagine I never said a word
< CosmicRay> But I don't think either of us have any special innate ability or good genes, I think it's just the way we were brought up
< djanatyn> true :) my parents have always been geeks. I used to think all black people were Klingons ;)
< CosmicRay> djanatyn: dude, that is so politically incorrect it's funny
jcowan: The lojban lexicon is rather flat: it doesn't have many oppositions like head/dome, or at a higher level between "When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout" and my pomposification of that as "At times of peril or dubitation, perform swift circular ambulation, with loud and high-pitched ululation."
cizra> timonator: Sex is overrated. Love is what makes the world go round, not sex, IMO.
<Broca> _Inertia_ is what makes the world go round.
< tomoj> I told one of my ex's I wanted to be with someone who liked argument and that philosophy was all about argument and she said that was the  stupidest thing she'd ever heard :(
< Tene> tomoj: sounds like she wanted to argue with you.
<jcowan> piblitki is not a proper lujvo: it's tosmabru.
<selbeimanti> hm, jvocu'adju says it's ok
<selbeimanti> probably because tk is not a permissible start cluster or something?
<selbeimanti> which makes no sense either…
<selbeimanti> hm, yes it does. tki cannot be a rafsi.
<jcowan> I guess that's right.  I never thought about whether the tosmabru rule applies to the case where a CV falls off and leaves a fu'ivla behind, but I guess it doesn't.
<jcowan> But is that really right?  How can you tell "piblitki" from the valid "pi blitki"?
<selbeimanti> there can be no blitki.
<selbeimanti> at least that's what jbofi'e says
<selbeimanti> so, why can't blitki be a fu'ivla ?
<jcowan> Oh.  Because it's a slinku'i.  "ca blitki" = "cablitki", a well-formed tanru.
<jcowan> Very subtle.

when jbopre talk about pre-cum

<xalbo> LOJBAN!: Yeah, there's 50 words for that.  Let's fight to the death over which one to use!
<Polarina> Words for what?
<cirzgamanti> mi nelci le do pinji pe lo mamta be do
<xalbo> And on that note, it's time for me to leave.

ah, typing lag :)

* cirzgamanti ponders if smegma is especially soft/moldable when warm…
<cirzgamanti> ah, sapir/whorf at work :)

trying to find a lujvo for smegma

< lindar> Nothing to eat unless I want to cook!
<@timonator> then want to cook
< donri> want the cock
< lindar> I -do- want the cock, donri.
-!- Dessous [n=slash@a88-115-70-173.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has quit []
< cirzgamanti> somebody's naked now ;)
11:58 < donri> o'i mu xagji donrypinji cu zvati le trixe be do
< donri> ju'i timonator spofu fa la lojbanorg gau do xu
< timonator> yy doi la donri mi gasnu ma
< donri> lo nu lo mamta be da cu patfu de
<donri> heard on twitter: "I bet lojban has a word for when your phone vibrates with an email just seconds after you leave the office on a Friday afternoon."
<klaid> nunmumdjedormijmlibavbijlivmlibavysamselmrifondesku, nu1=x1 is an event of phone desku1=fonxa1=x2 in phone network fonxa2=x3 shaking from e-mail samselmri1=desku2=x4 sent by samselmri2=x5 (agent) to samselmri3=x6 from computer samselmri4=x7 by computer system system samselmri5=x8 shortly after cliva1=x9 leaves office briju1=cliva2=x10 by route cliva3=x11 shortly after afternoon dormidju1=x12 of Friday mumdei1=dormidju2=x13 at location dormidju3=x14 of week mumdei2=x15 in calendar mumdei3=x16


< clsn> Not rotated enough, durnit.
< AnAdorableNick> djanatyn-fonxa: Are you sure they're ba'e carpender 
< AnAdorableNick> carpenter
< djanatyn-fonxa> Yes.
< djanatyn-fonxa> Very sure. They have the brown stripes below the 
                  abdomen. And they're very big. And very fast.
< kozmikreis> How many brown stripes do they have?  If it's 3 they're 
              only 110 ohm, not too resistive
<lindar>  Okay, let's skip the bullshit.
<lindar>  If I stand on a 2-story building and drop a penny, what happens?
<clsn>  You lose a penny.
<lindar>  -_-
<Hugglesworth>  ah science

Talking about an O'Neill Cylinder WRT the space-version of Lojbanistan.

< Hugglesworth> if you get decent enough you can brake like you do on real skates
< Warrigal> What are real skates?
< timonator> the ones with four rolls put in the corners of a rectangle?
< Warrigal> If that's what real skates are, I don't see why you call them that; it's not like they're harder and more effective, is it?
< Warrigal> Surely real skates are the ones where the wheels all lie in a line.  If they're spread out across the plane, that makes them complex skates.
< Warrigal> If the wheels are in a line perpendicular to the direction of travel, they're imaginary skates.
<ksion> What is the place structure of {broda je brode}?
<lindar> x1 is shut up by standard x2 in your face x3 under random extranneous place that nobody ever uses x4.
< christererer> .i mi na se bangu la lojban
< timonator> ma bangu do
< christererer> mi glibau
< djanatyn-fonxa> Woah, English!
< djanatyn-fonxa> We got a lot of things to talk about. And I'm *not* happy.
< djanatyn-fonxa> It's time for you to make some changes in your life, or get out.
< rlpowell> Apparently the boat got about 8 inches of water in the bottom, and the computer was in a laptop bag that soaked up a bunch of water.
< rlpowell> THe computer wasn't actually *soaked*, but there was noticeable condensation inside the covers of the ram and so on.
< rlpowell> She was very shocked when I told her to deliberately pour in a lot more water than it had in the first place.  :)
< rlpowell> (distilled water)
< rlpowell> (followed by a bit of rubbing alcohol; she doesn't have much left)
< rlpowell> This conversation included a comment on her part that lake water being conductive was proof of homeopathy.  -_-
<Craig`> sorry about that had to pop downstairs, *back*
<kribacr> Unforgiveable.
<kribacr> You will be terminated.
<kribacr> ku
< timonator> have to go
< timonator> bye
< AnAdorableNick> have to go
< AnAdorableNick> bye
< sshc> have to go
< sshc> bye
[time passes]
 * timonator returns
 * AnAdorableNick returns
 * sshc returns
<Warrigal> Now I should ponder actual reasons for living on campus.  >.>
<neptunepink> Warrigal: Gay sex.
<Warrigal> That's...
<Warrigal> An astonishingly good reason.
23:44  * lindar would like to point out that ctino is not multiple people, and 
          therefore should not use third-person pronouns which refer to groups 
          to refer to emself.
23:45  * lindar does so.
23:45 < lindar> Hey ctino, you're not multiple people.
23:45 < lindar> So you probably shouldn't use third-person pronouns which refer 
                to groups to refer to yourself.
23:45  * ctino comments that "they" and "their" are both allowed as singular 
          pronouns according to wikipedia
23:45 < neptunepink> Really? I'll go fix that...
23:45 < lindar> +1
23:46 < lindar> I would consider that a burn.
23:46 < neptunepink> :D
23:47 < lindar> Zymish agrees.
23:47 < neptunepink> Go put it on xamselsku then

Using /me too much and referring to oneself as "they" instead of using second-person or spivak pronouns.

Nov 16 16:40:58 »»  lindar writes a small line of code to pre-parse all Lojban text and replace all UI with {ge'e}.
Nov 16 16:41:04 .:Twey:.  lindar: ge'e ba'e sai
Nov 16 16:41:21 .:kribacr:.  ge'e dai
Nov 16 16:41:34 .:Twey:.  ge'e ba'e sai ro'u

Lindar was frustrated with people overusing attitudinals.

< Cin> It's the bouncer I'm using. It just stops sending messages after a while.
< Cin> Can someone give me a one liner for psybnc?
< AnAdorableNick> The day psybnc won't suck will be the day it's used as a vacuum cleaner.
* purpleposeidon moves his lips so that they make that lathery sound
<Twey> cin: Oh, okay.  I was in Wales, just read the away-log.
<cin> Tch. A typical excuse. "I was in Wales." *Rolls eyes*
<cin> "You are charged with theft on two accounts." "It wasn't me; I was in Wales!" "I find the defendant not guilty."
Melvar has joined #jbopre
<Melvar> What defines a dragon?
<Cin> Couldn't give a shit so hard.
<rlpowell> Hahahah.
23:20 < rlpowell> For a good example of why this is a problem, watch "American Beauty".
23:20 < rlpowell> The military dude's wife creeps me out large
23:21 < rlpowell> protip: if your parents find out you have/are watched/watching that, they will spontaneously and instantly disprove darwinian evolution by giving birth to fully formed live bovines.
< tswett> So, guys, you know those games where the rules are secret and always changing?
< timonator> like human interaction in general?
< tswett> The only one I've ever actually played is Mao.  It was fun, but now I don't really have any opportunities to play it.
< tswett> Or that, yes.  :P
< xalbo> Today's random thought: {mucte}: x1 is an alot of species/breed x2.
< xalbo> .i mi mucte nelci — I like that alot.
< JN> greetings, lojbanoids
< timonator> we are the lojbananas.
< JN> take me to your cmene
< timonator> do you come in peace and bring cake!
< timonator> (yes, you read correctly. an imperative question!)
<neptunepink> Hugglesworth: We're discussing the diameters of our shafts
<neptunepink> Hugglesworth: We're discussing the diameters of our shafts
< lindar> Yeah, unfortunately they seem to cycle out a lot.
< lindar> They'll be here a month and then drop out.
< lindar> Sometimes a few days.
< cdfh> lojban is for life, not just Christmas :-/

about nintadni coming and going

< neptunepink> lo gletu be mi du mi
< timonator> u'i tanru
< timonator> tanru'i
< neptunepink> If that's a tanru, I will cry.
< neptunepink> .oi
< neptunepink> mi klaku
< timonator> zo tanru'i u'ivla

u'ivla tanru tanru'i

< cmacis> This is weird. Computer is running very slowly, but htop says that cpu is at 36%, mem isn't at full either
< neptunepink> killall npviewer.bin nspluginviewer
< timonator> heh.
< neptunepink> I am so fucking serious. That's aliased to "slow" in .bashrc


< treed> rlpowell: My scale tends to start at 4. 4 was "I was pleased, no real issues" 3 is "Mostly okay, some issues"
< treed> 5 is "fucking fantastic"
< Tene> 6 is "complimentary blowjob with every meal"?
* djanatyn-nanba hacketh thy interweb.
< djanatyn-nanba> mwahahahaha
< djanatyn-nanba> dost thou feelest the sting of my exploit, knave?
16:46 < Hugglesworth> coi rodo
16:47 < cmacis> coi uglisuof
16:49 < djanatyn-fonxa> coi
16:55 < Hugglesworth> 'uglisuof', it's just getting weirder by the day isn't it
16:56 < djanatyn-fonxa> uncle ugly soft!
16:57 < Hugglesworth> XD

People seem to have a hard time lojbanifying Hugglesworth

* rlpowell has kicked djanatyn-fonxa from #lojban (GO TALK TO THE GIRL!

A girl was looking at djan. We needed to kick him for his own good.

<timonator> what did i miss?
<donri> oh nothing important, we spoke some lojban, me and djanatyn had public sex, we discussed cmavo clusters...
* djanatyn watches people rant about lojban on youtube.
<djanatyn> Hmm. For some reason, the speaker is dead.
<jcowan> And still ranting?  Impressive.
<djanatyn> Umm.
<djanatyn> (my *computer* speaker is dead).
<djanatyn> xD
<jcowan> Night of the Living Lojbanists.
<lindar> How do I kill myself bau la .lojban. ?
<cdfh> you'd probably use a terminator
<clsn> I remember a guy in college once trying to work out what was wrong with a terminal's cable by setting the baud rate to 50 baud and holding bare wires to his tongue and hitting ENTER so he could feel/taste the current...
<jamieisdumROLF> HAHAHAHHA
<jamieisdumROLF> \DONRI
<klaid> ops?
<cirzgamanti> is it /b/ visiting hours again? :)
<klaid> .u'i sai
<cirzgamanti> jamieisdumROLF: come on, this is your chance to become immortal
<cirzgamanti> say something that parses in lojban :)
<jamieisdumROLF> no
* jamieisdumROLF (i=7dec2c32@gateway/web/freenode/x-flrfvzqewgnjkafm) has left #lojban
<donri> that parses
<cirzgamanti> yay :)

everything that parses in lojban is saved in the public irc log, and used for usage stats etc.

* purpleposeidon checks djanatyn for turing completeness
< timonator> oh i believe he is completely functional
< timonator> if you know what i mean
 * purpleposeidon calls timonator's functions with certain suggestive parameters
< lindar> Ready for the next part, or would you like more examples?
< CodeBlock> lindar: lets try the next part :P
< lindar> Sweet.
< lindar> Hey, you know what adjectives are, right?
< CodeBlock> lindar: of course =P
< lindar> FUCK adjectives. We don't need them. We don't have them and we don't need them.

in ##ckule

< Sonja> that gives it a negative spin :)
< timonato1> are we talking about quantum mechanics again?
< Sonja> no, toki pona
* lindar is all for being vague and leaving out as much subject matter as possible.
 * lindar could be a mafia boss.
< lindar> D'you take care of the first thing?
< lindar> How about the second thing?
< lindar> Did you do the thing with the other thing?
< lis_nunyn> I feel very slightly confused now about ku/cu
< lis_nunyn> Basically, if you could make that a tanru, then you need one, right?
< xalbo> Yes.  Or at least, that's the most common place where a {ku} would be needed.
< lis_nunyn> so, mi sedlki is fine because that can't be a tanru.
< xalbo> Right.
< lis_nunyn> (you can ask lindar how I wound up in a bag)
< tommjames> i think i shall attempt to learn this unambiguous language
< tommjames> such that i am able to communicate with you people
< alaricsp> We can exchange technology and cultural artefacts!
< alaricsp> I have the secret of the horseless carriage here, *and* a patent on a distributed database cache coherency technique!

a curious esperantist comes to look at lojban

07:25 < leom> I hope that the day comes, and you people say "it's time to do it. We're all going to an island to have the perfect society"
07:25 < codrus> leom: you mean a perfectly speaking society
07:26 < ninjbo> (perfectly speaking) society, or perfectly (speaking society)?
< xalbo> The {ban} in {lojban} is "bon" or (much more rarely, but still legally and amusingly) "bong".
< timonator> you pronounce bong like that?!
< donri> Hah, yea.
< xalbo> Take a hit off the lojba?.
<lindar> Freakin' NICE!
<lindar> Honest to gods content on one of those pages.
<lindar> I'm so happy I could shit rainbow kittens that vomit candy.


< uorygl> Deleting the entire filesystem isn't always a good idea.
<neptunepink> djanatyn: So, uh, what is the state of your soul?
<djanatyn> My soul is immutable
<djanatyn> Always set to "hella' cool, dawg"
<djanatyn> All these fools tryna change my state
<djanatyn> but i'm like, "no way man. we gotta keep that referential transparency"
<tswett> TWMAGBN.
<tswett> (I just made that acronym up, and I'm not going to tell you what it stands for.)
<lindar> This Will Make A Girl Blush, Nearly
<lindar> Technically, Women May Agree Guys Buy Nothing
<lindar> Teachers Want My Awesome Ground-Breaking Network
<djanatyn> Those Were Motherfucking Abyssmal Guesses, Bitch Nigga
<lindar> xD
<lindar> I can't top that.