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# + GADRI Anonymous
09/08/14(Fri)03:58 No.1315
# + GADRI Anonymous 09/08/14(Fri)03:58 No.1315   []

How do numbers followed by gadri (or the reverse, or both) work? (Just link me).

How would you say "in every way/manner/aspect" if the jbovla is calling for a terbri that is an aspect? (Such as the x2 of "perfect" or "typical")

What is the difference between "piro le", "ro le", "le pi ro", and "le ro" (inwhich, every example would be followed by a brivla)?

Also, how does one say "always" or "at all times". This would apply to past, present,a nd future, correct? How would one restrict that?

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'always' la timos
09/08/14(Fri)10:34 No.1318 []

i'm just going to answer the last question real quick before breakfast:

{ze'e} is exactly what you want. unless you use it in combination with ba or pu ({ba ze'e}) it applies to future and past (unless it clearly does not in the context). this is one continuous time interval, though, so if you want the other meaning of 'always', you would use ro roi (in much the same way as you use ze'e)

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RE: # + GADRI rarnavon
09/08/15(Sat)05:40 No.1322 []
> gadri question

6.2) li py. su'i va'a ny. ku'e su'i zy du li xy.

the-number ``p'' plus negative-of( ``n'' ) plus ``z''
equals the-number ``x''
p + -n + z = x

That's from the Complete Lojban Reference chapter 18.

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RE: # + GADRI rarnavon
09/08/15(Sat)05:43 No.1324 []
> totality question

Don't know what you mean.

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RE: # + GADRI xorxes
09/08/15(Sat)15:55 No.1329 []


ti prane ro se ckaji
"This is perfect in every aspect."

"Every time" is "ro roi". For something that lasts forever, there is "ze'e" (not many things last that long though).

You can restrict the interval for "roi" with a sumti:

mi catlu lo skina ci roi lo purlamnanca
"I watched the movie three times last year."

You can also give a specific duration for an event with "ze'a":

ko'a vreta lo sfofa ze'a lo cacra be li mu
"He layed on the sofa for five hours."

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RE: # + GADRI tijlan
09/08/16(Sun)15:30 No.1333 []


> ti prane ro se ckaji
> "This is perfect in every aspect."

ti prane ro tcila

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